I’m Bryan Picard, and this is The Bite House — a collection of simple, home-style recipes featuring ingredients grown, raised, caught, or foraged in the Maritimes. The blog was started as a way to store and share my recipes and cooking experiences. I hope you find something to your taste.

Bryan PicardI grew up in a French-speaking village in rural New Brunswick. Food was all around. Greens and roots were grown in the backyard. Fish and game were brought home by my father, and my mom made delicious meals from scratch. Now, after a number of years in Montreal studying and working to hone my skills, I am back in the Maritimes, and even more appreciative of what the countryside has to offer — amazing food, lush environs, and a sense of community. Thanks for visiting!

The Bite House has been featured or mentioned on The New York Times, Huffington Post, Cooking Channel, Honest CookingThe Kitchn, Eat In Eat Out Magazine.

Many thanks to Bridget Sprouls, whose ongoing writing and proofreading assistance has been invaluable to this blog.


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